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Pen Pressure stops working

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Okay.. here's usually what happens:

I start up Paint.NET, and pen pressure works fine. I open up GIMP and use the tablet on that, then when I go back to Paint.NET, the pen pressure will not work.

The only way I know right now to fix it is to logoff/logon my computer, or restart it... and I don't want to have to do that every time I use GIMP just so I can use paint.net's pen pressure.

Any help? ideas?

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Don't use The GIMP. >_>

Hello Absit-Invidia.

Well, with my Wacom tablet on Vista, I do not seem to be exhibiting the same behaviour as yourself, so I can only surmise a solution. Does unplugging and plugging back the tablet act the same as logging off/on? A more convenient, temporary fix if anything.

You might also want to check your drivers to see if you have the most recent update. It might be a bug that has been fixed, or some incompatibility only invoked by using two similar applications sensitive to pressure that has been rectified.

Drivers brings me to my last question nicely: are you even speaking of a tablet, or are you on a TabletPC?

Whatever the problem, it doesn't seem immediately or directly a fault with Paint.NET as pressure sensitivity clearly works, until you turn to another program. Maybe all this is (seriously) due to The GIMP.

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mm, I'll try unplugging/replugging it next time I need to do something.

And I'm talking about a regular tablet, IMI or something - not wacom.

I'm in a pickle.. I use Gimp to shade things and Paint.NET to color them (it won't work vice-versa; I find it a lot easier to color in Paint.NET).

ah well, i'll try the unplugging thing later on, when I can restart my computer without losing info.

EDIT: Unplugging/replugging works, thank you. :mrgreen:

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