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32 bit tiff support

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i just tried to open a 32 bit tiff file (in v3.30), and it does not work. no crash or anything,

just a blank checkerboard image is displayed.

now i am not sure if this a bug. it might be because the alpha channel is all zero,

ie is alpha interpreted as translucency or opacity? however paint shop for example

does display the image. so the question is whether this behaviour is intended, and if so,

s there an option to ignore the alpha channel?

ps: i can provide an image if that is any help

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Paint.NET does not support (and to my knowledge won't ever) images with a channel bit depth greater than 8. I think 16 bpc TIFFs were opened but converted to 8 bpc in the process but it's been a while since I tried. You may be able to convert the image with nconvert to something you can open in PDN, however (as a temporary workaround).

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