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Windows 10 or Paint.net File handler Issue

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On Win 10 pro installed paint.net Ver 4.0.9 Final 4.9.5848.30436

Everything works great  


Saving files to my e:\ Drive (std serial hardisk)  

When I look in the folder there are a file names left with a   *1.pdnbak file name or there could be several like the attached file (Strange File Names.png)


These file names stay there even after I close Paint completely. I checked running services and no signs of Paint running in the back ground. I can' delete the files as I get a permissions error as seen in the second file attached  


Now this is where it gets strange: If I reboot the Machine. then open the folder the files with the *.pdnbak are gone


maybe I'm missing something? or is this a windows bug? or is it a paint.net issue  








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Usually these legacy files are the result of over-zealous anti-virus software.

Here's how and why these are created....


When you save, Paint.NET first writes the data to a ".pdnSave" file. Then, it renames the original file to ".pdnBak", and renames the ".pdnSave" file to original file name. Then it deletes the ".pdnBak" file. With this procedure, if there's an error/crash while saving, it won't overwrite/corrupt/destroy the original file contents.

If you still have "pdnbak" files getting littered around, then most likely you have an over-anxious antivirus scanner which is locking those files and preventing Paint.NET from deleting them. You can safely delete them yourself, of course.

Note that the algorithm described above is not always used, depending on circumstances, and is not guaranteed to be used or be unchanged in the future (this is simply a pre-emptive liability check against anyone hoping to take a dependency on this behavior).

For the full conversation go here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26562-pdnbak-files/

possible solutions can be found here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/84518-pdnbak-files-being-finnicky/?p=486883

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