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Move Selected Pixels resizes incorrectly with Shift key

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I've got an image that is 1632x1056 pixels large, and I have a selection that starts at 816 x -26 and is 332x512 in size.

When I try to resize it in conjunction with the Shift key, it makes the selected pixel area square (the Bounding Rectangle size goes from 332x512 to 332x332) instead of maintaining the original aspect ratio.

Neither of the control or alt keys seem to work in conjunction with or separate from the Shift key (they have no effect on the selection size when I use them)

I have my Rectangle Select mode set to Normal.


How do I get the selection to maintain the original aspect ratio as I resize it?

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That's right. The "Bounding Rectangle" size is measured from the edge of the canvas. The fact that you started the selection off-canvas is (quite correctly) ignored.

Think of it as cutting a piece of paper with scissors. The path the scissors took getting to the edge of the paper is irrelevant. Only the actual cut made on the paper matters.

Here's how to work around this behavior, follow steps 1 to 6 to create a selection the right pixel size...


Once you have that selection, change the tool mode back to Normal mode (from Fixed Size) the current selection will remain.

Now press the M key twice. Hold down Shift and drag one of the corner nubs. The selection will resize maintaining the same ratio.

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In attempting to refine the explanation, because I don't believe a six step process is a valid solution to a function that worked properly in versions as late as 4.0.8, and because I think my problem was misunderstood (don't worry, it's a thing. it happens. all the time.) I reinstalled 4.0.9 and now resizing with the shift key resizes with the correct aspect ratio

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There were no changes to this between 4.0.8 and 4.0.9, which was a minor bugfix release (4.0.8 was also a minor bugfix release). Look at the release notes on the blog, http://blog.getpaint.net/


My guess is that you originally drew the selection to be square. Constraining always operates on the original aspect ratio of the selection, not its current aspect ratio.


I recently wrote up an explanation for someone else via e-mail:

Holding shift will constrain a selection to its original aspect ratio; that is, the one that it was "drawn" at. If you resize the selection, that doesn't change the aspect ratio that the selection will constrain to. I tried to implement it so that it did behave the way you describe, and it was problematic. 
Selections are generally constrained to be of an integer width and height. Even if you drew a selection with the aspect ratio you want, that ratio could not be properly preserved across multiple constrained resize operations. For instance, let's say you draw a selection rectangle of exactly 16 pixels X 9 pixels. Then you resize it to be 24 pixels wide, which would need to be 13.5 pixels tall to preserve the aspect ratio. Except that would then get truncated to 13 pixels, giving you a 24 x 13 selection which is *not* at a 16:9 ratio. Then you resize it to be 32 pixels ... and maintaining the 24:13 ratio would leave you with 32x17.333 pixels, which again would be truncated to 32x17 pixels.
This would cause much more frustration than the current implementation :( So, paint.net will always constrain to the original aspect ratio.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Ahh, with that information I believe I understand what it is I was doing, and I can actually reproduce the exact problem I was experiencing.


The problem I had having was when I was using the Move Selection tool to refine the selection area and then going back to the Move Selected Pixels tool to resize, it was using the aspect ratio from before the Move Selection tool was used.


I understand the issue referenced in the email, where a selection of pixels cannot be resized to a different aspect ratio because that would cause a loss of information. However I don't think that would be a issue for adjusting the aspect ratio of the selection area itself.


Would it be possible to alter the behavior of the Move Selection tool to recalculate the aspect ratio of the selection when it is resized without the shift key?

You know the place.

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