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Embossed Text Without Plugins

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I do agree that the final result looks good, but what is the appeal of not using plugins?

In many cases, the whole point of a plugin is to automate a list of known steps.

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The idea of not using plugins often comes from people who are nervous about plugins or from people who just like the idea of keeping just as it is.

Some people do not like to use plugins, they are nervous or intimidated by the thought of plugins and so they either won't use them, or when they do, they want as few as possible.

People can be nervous and intimidated about downloading anything, and that includes plugins. Part of internet safety is to be careful of what you download, not everyone knows that plugins from this forum are safe, many people do not even know of the plugins on this forum, and so the plugins they think of probably really aren't safe (I've seen youtubers who discourage plugins, while other youtubers and bloggers give links to plugins, and the links are sometimes dangerous).
Other people are scared off by the thought of not knowing how to download, and install, or use plugins, even with tutorials, and so they prefer to avoid rather than trying what they can, or risk getting stuck, or asking for help when they need it (I can't blame them either, I've been known to be that way with other things).


Some people simply just want to have less plugins, so wherever they can cut a plugin or not add another one to their list, they do.


And then there are people who are like me.

I personally like the options to do things both with plugins but also manually. :)


Now, about this tutorial,

The end result of this tutorial is different than what I get from most plugins, sort of like how there is a slight difference from manually making a drop shadow vs using the drop shadow plugin. These days I have been finding myself using the manual way of making a drop shadow more, and I can see myself liking the results of this tutorial for several projects more than I might from the use of plugins.

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