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What are the plugins you would recommend the most?

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We've had topics like this before, but, they are a bit old, and we have new users, new plugins, and new ideas and uses for old plugins. So....
What are the plugins you would recommend the most? Those plugins you think are must haves, those plugins that make paint.net even more awesome than it already is. B)

The special must have plugins that I would recommend to newbies or people wanting to expand on their paint.net experience are :

AA's Assistant from dpy's plugin pack.



Alpha Mask 2.0

Shape 3D

TR's Dodge & Burn

And, for those who enjoy plugins or are accumulating a lot of them, I would recommend the Plugin Browser.

And any or all plugins that remove color.

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Lately I've been doing sketches and portraits and if newcomers are interested in getting into that, then I highly recommend TR's Dodge and Burn, Smudge, and Red ochre's Scribble (I use the latter for the cross-hatch shading which sometimes looks cute with some of Ed Harvey's Color Tint). Surface Blur is very good for cleaning up unwanted artifacts and Curves+ is super necessary for making hidden features in photos stand out. And MJW's Texture Shader has been super useful for carving onto surfaces such as concrete or rocks or pretty much anything.


Perhaps newbies may be unaware that a plugin's thread often includes a number of experiments created by various members, like moi here.


All these are merely little suggestions on the fly. I've been recently using PdN more than ever before, and sometimes I use an effect and then forget that I used it or how I used it unless I'm keeping good track of all steps. It's very important to keep clear notes of what you do and how you do it in order to be able to reproduce specific results in future projects, because you never know when you'll come up with an exciting discovery (as a little word of advice for newbies).

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