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I have returned to PDN! Hooray!


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After a long time away I'm happy to be back on PDN. I have to do lots of relearning but I have at least started! Hooray! Yesterday I did some juggling practice and really was using my head! Whoops, dropped one, I should have stuck with just three!
Any comments, advice is always appreciated. Thanks!

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Good to see you back cweber54!

Still playing jazz?... or has juggling taken over! ;)

Hi Red ochre! Yes, I'm still playing jazz, doing close-up magic and juggling as well. Been playing my Didgeridoo too! Hahahaha, lots of fun in retirement from teaching. Lately I've been playing in two local musical productions, "Guys and Dolls" and "Wonderful Town" bot fun and a real challenge! Tomorrow I'll be going to New York City to see a former student of mine who is playing drums and leading the band on a new Broadway show called "Tappin' Thru Life" staring Maurice Hines. I'm really looking forward to it. As soon as the shows I'm playing are over I'm heading into some of the local elementary schools to demonstrate the Didgeridoo for several music classes then later in the spring I head all over NY state to judge All-State Jazz auditions. Keeping busy and enjoying it. Practicing my trumpet, my close-up card and coin magic and a little juggling everyday. Hope you're doing well and thanks so much for your help and inspiration here on pdn. I don't know how you do it but keep on doing it!! I appreciate all that you do, great to hear from you!

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