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Fairy or butterfly effect?

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Ok I saw some cool brushes for Photoshop for fairies and theres stamps with butteflies. I edit a lot of my daughters pictures and Id like to use those for her pictures but dont know if they is any of those for PAINT.net. If there is can you let me know where I can get the plug-ins for them? :P

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First you need to know How to install plugins. Then download the Custom Brushes plugin. Then you need to Convert the Photoshop brushes into images. I've added an attachment of "abrViewer" (183kb) because the site may be a little difficult for you to navigate (and you may not know how to open RAR files).abrViewer.zipIf you've only used Paint.net for a few months the Help File is bound to answer lots of your questions. Also remember not to type really big when it is unnecessary. :P We can see you just fine.

Hope that helps. :wink:

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