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Creating new image on app start up replaces the already open image


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Windows 10 Pro 32bit - paint.net 4.0.9



Replication steps

  1. Open paint.net (a new image is already open).
  2. Press Ctrl + N or go to File -> New.
  3. Press Ok (changing values to width, height etc is irrelevant).
  4. The currently open image is "refreshed" instead of a second image being created.



  1. Pressing Ctrl + N or going to File -> New after the replication steps works perfectly at creating new images.
  2. Working with the already open image before the replication step 2, i.e. using the paintbrush to draw a line (not just selecting it), does not cause this behavior and creates a 2ns, 3rd, etc.. image(s) successfully.
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