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First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place, i just need to install paint.net and I'll be on my way. I got the installer and used it, and it said it downloaded everything and it didn't give any error messages. BUT I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!! It literally deletes itself the moment it finishes downloading. Is their something I'm doing wrong? I've tried two different installers now and both of them do the same thing; one from this forum and one from getpaint.net. PLEASE HELP!!!! 

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I'm not sure if I'm on target with this, but what you're describing sounds almost like it was being installed and run in a Sandbox.  Some antivirus programs do this by running the software in a virtual environment so that "potentially" hazardous software doesn't bring any harm to your computer.


Another issue could be available resources on your computer.  Maybe the installer goes, runs out resources to complete and simply ends up quitting.  If you have inadequate amount of memory and many things running in the background, these could be hampering your efforts. For example, if you have Window 10, there may be several "tiles" running live.  That means that they are operating in the background, going out onto the internet and retrieving and displaying info so you have updated/current info displayed in that tile.  A live tile for your photos are constantly looking at your photo directory to see what's there and is likewise updating it when new photos are added.  How much resources each use?  I really don't know, but every little bit adds up to a bunch of things that your computer is doing while you're not really using them and you want to do other things on it.


Another guess would be that maybe you have some virus or malware that could be preventing the installation.


I cannot say with any certainty that any of these are the case as your post does not provide any information about your OS or any antivirus software you may be running.


Please provide some more info about your computer so folks can make a more educated guess at what may be transpiring.

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Another possibly is that you've inadvertently installed something else.

Try downloading from the link on this page http://getpaint.net/download.html

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