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Human face on book cover. Suggestions please.

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Hello All,

My first post, and it is not so much a 'how to' as a 'can I'.

I am going to design a book cover. The main image will be a face.

Now, my question is - what is the best way of starting? is it to import a ready made image, i.e photo, or scanned drawing, and work on that, or is it best to start from scratch with the paint tools.

I want my image to be anonymous.

Any suggestions are welcome. If this sort of question has been asked before, maybe a moderator can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

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Many thanks. At least I know I am in the right place. I looked at your gallery. It is most impressive and your portrait of G. Brown is spot on (is he really that handsome?).

However, in my case, it is not quite the effect I seek. I think I need to use an original image (photo) and develop it. I do want the face to look human and lifelike.


Thanks also. I need to know what PDN***** is. Could be important to me. Sorry, I am a newbie!

Having looked around a bit, I can say I am quite amazed at the breadth of this site. And it is all free! I've always believed quality doesn't come cheap, but now I obviously need to think again.

**** just found it.

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