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Could use some help if someone has time?

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I am trying to put text on images.. and they aren't coming out very good. I need the same images for multiple things.. youtube channel, emblem, twitter picture, and banner. hoping that maybe someone can do them for me and show me how to do it.. so i can do it myself. would be available to skype/teamview

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Please describe your problem more fully. "They aren't coming out very good" isn't much help. How can someone help you make them turn out better if they don't know what's wrong with them?


Also, please give your threads better titles. "Could use some help if someone has time?" is not a proper title. At the least, it should be something like, "Problem with putting text on images." Better would be something narrowing down the particular problem you're having.


Sorry to be a scold, but I'm weary of threads like this.

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Hello. :)


I think what MJW is trying to say, is you should read the forum rules.


Now, for the idea of one picture to be used for everything and look perfect, I'm not sure if that is possible. Different things use different dimensions and will often automatically re-size an image to the correct dimensions, the auto re-sizing will cause text to become blurred or stretched.


To avoid the auto re-sizing, you might be able to make a base image in paint.net and then edit it to make your own re-sized versions for the different uses that you want to use the image for. If you make the various sizes yourself, you can attempt to keep things at a better quality.


Check up on the things and places where you will want to use the picture. Most websites will tell you the suggested dimensions for pictures that people can use and upload.


For example, this here tells some youtube image dimensions : https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2976309?hl=en

This tells recommended dimensions for twitter : https://support.twitter.com/articles/127871?lang=en#

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