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A facility to resize/respace UI buttons for easier use with touchscreens.

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Hi there.  this is my first post.  I have read the rules, faq's, frequent feature requests and have done a forum search for this question and came up with nothing.   I hope I've put this in the right place.  If I'm inadvertently breaking a rule then please let me know what it is and I apologise.


My question:


Is there a facility in Paint.net to automatically resize and/or respace the buttons of the user interface to make it more "finger friendly" for using with a touch screen.


I'm using a Surface 3 (not pro) and I'm finding that everyhting is quite small and close together making it potentially easy to miss the intended button with the finger or stylus/pen.


If this isn't already possible, could this be considered a feature request for a later release?  You could call it "Tablet Mode" or something like that.  hey, you could even try to get Paint.Net to recognise if Windows10 is in Tablet or Dektop Mode and automatically apply the appropriate user interface.

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