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Aligning of Images

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I'm a new user of Paint,NET and possibly my question bears no problem.

I very often take over Images by a scanner. Then I cannot avoid that the image appears not aligned, i. e. out of  perpendicularity.


Is there a possibility to align the scanned picture?  Under Image I only found to rotate 90° clockwise or antic. or 180°, nothing else.


Thank you for your help.




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The manual method without plugins: Press Ctrl + A to select the entire image. Press M to activate the Move tool. Click and drag with the right mouse button.

Ref: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html

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I need to align a photo to a grid to scale. Make it linear Vertically and horizontally.  Perpendicular XY

Lower left center of screw hole is 0,0,0.  Surface of PCB is  Z 0

Not sure what the procedure is or what tools I will need.

Please help with detailed instruction.

Smaller Sample photo of what I am starting with. The goal is to measure component locations in inches from origin.

20220319_180005 (Small).jpg

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