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Fast algorithm for finding the minimum distances to a set


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On 10/29/2020 at 1:28 PM, MJW said:


I believe offsetting is possible. Whether it will work exactly as you wish is hard to say.


The part I was having difficulty with is using the edge transparency of antialiased objects to adjust the distance in a way that reduces jagginess. It could be that when I take a fresh look at it, a solution will be clear. That sometimes happens.


I have a question, couldn't one use two surfaces to do that and then use linear interpolation based on alpha? Two surface distance are based on min non-alpha and max alpha. I could do a sample of that approach if asked, and explain it.



Actually, never mind, I realize that it would give inaccurate distance. The better approach is using subsampling, thresholding. Or multiple distancing, thresholding, and subsampling.

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