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Install/Uninstall Issues Not Solved by Mega-thread On Subject (Windows 10)

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So I have been reading through this: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/and am still experiencing issues trying to uninstall paint.net. I am using Windows 10 if it is of importance.
When I first downloaded and tried to install paint.net I placed it in the wrong directory and lot's of loose files where amongst categorized folders - So after moving each file/folder that I downloaded into a new folder, it of course failed as I changed the location. In the INSTALL, UPDATE, OR UNINSTALL TROUBLE? READ THIS. thread (linked above) it notes that this can render the installer/uninstaller "horribly confused". And to solve this just move the files back to their original location, however I've deleted them - and I cannot reinstall the files back to their original location. Every time I try I just get "Fatal Error Occured During Installation" and only the 'Staging' files gets installed.
Also in my Apps and Features section of control panel .NET Framework isn't showing up - after trying to install the program off it's site it tells me that I've already got it installed on my PC. And each time I attempt to uninstall paint.net I just get: http://i.imgur.com/qjtIahP.jpg
So because I deleted the files, instead of moving them back to their original place have I doomed myself for good? Do you think this could be a Windows 10 issue? I tried downloading the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility ( it failed to install every time. I was installing the program on my hard-drive not my local disc where my program files are if that means anything.


Thank you very much for reading, appreciate any help.



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Use either the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility or Revo Uninstaller to remove the remnants of the previous installation.

Failing that, can you roll back to a previous restore point?

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