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Request - Signature Tutorial - For Already Made Sigs

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Her old one got locked, and this one has a descriptive title.

Yeah. Exactly ^^


Can anyone post like a proper tutorial, cos that will help me even more? - Don't worry if you won't.

Oh, how can you make the edges rounded-off?

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For someone that has used Paint.NET for "quite a while now" I'd think you'd now about the rounded rectangle tool.

Make a rounded rectangle on a new layer (with AA disabled) so it encompasses the image you're trying to capture.

Magic wand the inside of the rounded rectangle, invert selection, and delete that portion from the background.

Then run Basic Antialias on the cut out portion you just created and delete the layer with the rounded rectangle.

VoilĂ .


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Add a white, filled rectangle on another layer at the top. Apply a gaussion blur or set the layer blend mode to Overlay. You can change the color to come out with cool stuff. You can even set the lighting of a sig by doing this. Although you should probably look at the Tips N Tricks For PDN thread for more stuff.

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