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rwp80: Gallery of Digital Artwork (05/07/08)


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Seasons greetings!


I'm relatively new to Paint.NET. I first used Paint.NET about a year ago, but never fully understood it's potential. I simply assumed it was a slightly upgraded version of MS Paint.

Paint.NET has revealed to me a talent I never thought I had. The last few days have been insane; Every spare moment has been spent on Paint.NET. I've stopped working out. I hardly eat or sleep. I just about get my work done.

Here's hoping that creating a gallery will put my mind at ease. I need to slow down a gear or two and get on with things whilst enjoying Paint.NET as a hobby, not a substitute for life! :lol:

Old Artwork

First I just want to get the old stuff out the way. These are clan-related sigs, avatars, and spraypaints I made for the Team Fortress 2 clan I was in, "Servants of the Death Walus". Yes, I thought of the name. See if you can spot the 'walrus version of Kim Jong Il' with the cigar! :mrgreen:




TacoWalrusPic.jpgMcBainCarboot-rwp80.gif ---> (Note to Mod: I'm not sure if I'm aloud to post .gifs here in my gallery thread. If not, then please remove this one or give me the word and I'll do it. Thanks, and sorry, I don't mean to break the rules!)

Present Artwork

Here's what I've made since 'returning' to Paint.NET. Each piece has taught me a lot in terms of technical and artistic ability. They are more-or-less in chronological order, so hopefully the progression will be apparant.

These are too big to display here:

"Determination" Golden Leopard


This image 'happened by accident' when I was trying to figure out how Buzzkill made his signature. I finally learned how to make blood drops and spatters! :twisted:


I made the following image in one day, entirely from scratch. I started by painting over a picture of myself. The full version is 1600x1200, and the quality is much better. Unfortunately, I'm still figuring out a way to upload it!


I made this one from one photo in about two hours total.


Avatars and Signatures

Making signatures and then converting them to avatars is by far my favourite use for Paint.NET.






Comedy Corner

One of my best friends 'challenged' me (well, he asked but I took it as a challenge) to make him into a Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai Orc. The result is a clumsy mess, a mess that made me laugh out very loud. Click here to see it.

Well, that's all for now. As always, constructive criticism is appreciated, particularly if it provides artistic or technical tips for my improvement. Cheers! 8)

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