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making bows

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Hi, I use paint.net for digital scrapbooking and was wondering if anyone has made a plug in for turning ribbons into bows. I know that a lot of my friends are trying this program as I have raved about it to everyone.....a bow maker plugin would really add a new dimension for people using this program for scrapbooking.....I have learnt so much through this sight and would like to thank everyone who contributes to it...especially with plugins and tutorials. I don't know anything about programming so am not sure if this would be to difficult.

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This is a bow I made from a ribbon, but it took forever and as you can see it's not very good......would like a plugin that manipulates a ribbon strip to make the bow ends so then I can add them together using layers to give a more realistic bow effect (sorry not very good at explaining things)


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Watch the hostility man...

No need to be rude.


You could try using the displacement plugin - it wouldn't tie a bow for you, but it would really add dimension to your ribbons, or whatever.

I think this tutorial might help.


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Impossible [...] How could a computer know how to make a ribbon into a bow, or even what part of a photo is the ribbon?
If a computer program can tell emotions from a painting, detect facial expressions in general, determine less prominent pixels via its 'energy' to resize images, then I'm sure that programming development could construct a ribbon structure from a string of pixels located somewhere in the image. I wouldn't be surprised if MadJik would be the first to do this.

Perhaps you should refrain from making certified comments on things you don't understand.

Now, let's carry on as 007 Nab has and continue helping nanwu.

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Thanks 007 Nab for the hint on the tutorial....it's nice to see that some people out there are willing to at least give some constructive advice.... am messing around a bit with settings...and think this will be helpful. Once again thanks for the help

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