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resizing selection in 3.31

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resizing selection with SHIFT (keep aspect ratio) doesn't work properly.

test it:

1. select some region e.g. wide and low rectangle

2. change size of selection with no keeping ratio to narrow, tall rectangle

3. try to change size of that selection with SHIFT - it change back to wide and low rectangle

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Rectangle (Replace selection, Normal selection mode (basically, defaults)) 300 x 50 pixels;

Move Selection tool, resize by any corner handle to 50 x 300 pixels;

Move Selection tool again, resize by any corner handle held with the Shift key seems to revert back to the ratio of the original 300 x 50.

This behaviour repeats on any size rectangle, ellipse and free-form selection, you can even reverse the figures from above.

Perhaps both gWd and I have missed the reasoning behind this, although, personally, I would expect when holding Shift for it to constrain the aspect ratio of the current shape, not a previous form of one.

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