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Random Shape Fill

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I love this plugin! However, I may be reiterating oma's request, but I'd love to see an option to upload your own shape/brush/whatever so you don't have to add each individual shape manually, while readjusting it's size, angle, color, etc., as that can be very time consuming. Like oma said, there's no rush; I understand it can be very difficult to do, especially with the amount of plugins you have to keep up with, but I'm sure many people would find it very useful. Thanks for your great plugins, keep it up! :)

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i have a Suggestion For this plugins (im sorry if these already existed)
Ability to choose shapes from shapes folder
ability to generate shapes from current layer image and use it as shapes
(may hard) Ability to use these as tools and draw these random shape fill in brushes (simply random shape brushes)

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