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Advice on Redrawing an Image

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Ah, I see, I probably should of said, but I tried to do something about the text covering the characters using the colour picker tool and the line/curve tool, and managed to somewhat fix the right characters arm covered with the text, but when I tried to fix the background, the same method wouldn't work due to the way the colour in the background blends.

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For the background, use your color picker to pick colors on both sides of the text (right click to pick for secondary color), then select around the text, add a new layer, and make a gradient across the selection. Deselect, then use gaussian blur to blend the edges.

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You could try this tutorial: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19117-the-subterranean-copypaste-blues/


If you want to redraw the picture and anime characters, you could try doing some youtube searches. There used be quite a few paint.net "how to" videos for using paint.net to trace anime, recolor anime, and draw manga (one of my fave videos was an old one tracing/coloring Haruki Suzumiya). Try using some key words for your search, like, "Paint.net how to draw manga" or "paint.net how to trace anime".

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