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Stripping off my margin

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Hello everybody,

Well, actually the problem I have doesn't seem to be unsolvable, but I just don't know how it's able to achieve following aim:

I created some pictures in paint.net and saved them all in different sizes: *.bmp/*.jpeg/*.png !

If I print this pictures, I always see the margins of the documents. Furthermore, If I send this pictures as an E-mail-appendage, the margins are also visually available.

How can I achieve, that the margins of each document will disappear, so that there only will be the buff picture, without any brims or edges.

In advance, I wish to thank everybody for every help!



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Hello tkleninIf, and welcome to the forum.


Did you crop the margins of the images before saving them? If not, those areas are the margins you see.


For printing purposes are you using standard sizes? For example, If you want a 4x6 printed photo, the image has to have the same ratio.

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