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Creating coloring pages - trying to adapt this Pixlr tutorial to Paint.net

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I've been following this simple but pretty effective "Turn your photo into a coloring page" guide: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Coloring-Book/?ALLSTEPS


It uses the online pixlr.com editor and I'd rather use Paint.net. But I'm having trouble getting the same results, on two steps in particular:


  1. Paint.net's Gaussian Blur seems to function slightly differently, I am not getting quite as well-defined edges
  2. I have no idea how to map Paint.net's Levels tool with pixlr's

I'm very much not an artist, I dabble a bit, so can anyone help me out?


I did notice Paint.net has a pencil sketch tool but I'm not sure if this would be more effective or not until I can understand levels - trying to push out patterns to get a nice clear, black outline.


Thanks for any help. I've got about 40 photos to convert as a gift and realising I don't really have time to find someone to do it now, but need to plough on myself!

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You really should upgrade to the latest version of Paint.NET.  We cannot offer support for older versions on this forum.


Check out the forum rules, please.  :-)  Thank you!


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Thanks; I've upgraded to the latest stable version now (didn't realise I'd missed any updates, I turned auto-update on now) but none of the functionality I'm looking at appears to have changed.


I've looked at the Levels documentation and think the Input sliders are equivalent to the ones used in pixlr, I can get something similar but it's not quite right. The Ink sketch doesn't seem to do what I need - pencil is closer.


I'll play a bit more comparing the blur method with pencil sketch, unless anyone's any more specific tips? I'll have a quick look at not desaturating it so early as well, it makes sense that information is being lost here.

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I've been experimenting with methods intended to turn photos into sketches, which I believe is approximately along the lines of what may be useful to your needs. I should have already set up a tutorial on the topic but haven't found the time yet. However, if you give me an example picture on which you're working and an idea of what you want, I think I may probably help you.


By the way, MJW is correct on the color removal thing. My techniques turn the whole thing into black and white only by the end of the conversion process.

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On 12/18/2015 at 0:06 PM, BoltBait said:

Just try this:

1) Load your image

2) Use Effects > Artistic > Ink Sketch

- Move Coloring slider all the way to the left

- Adjust your Ink Outline slider to taste

This advice worked great and for my picture I added:

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