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Brush and fill tool problem

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Hello, I'm relatively new to using Paint.net and hadn't yet found a problem I couldn't deal with... Until now.

I have just opened a project that I am working on, continued to draw (I made sure that black was selected) but the strokes were invisible? I also tried to use "fill", this was also invisible. 

I am only working on one layer, so that isn't the problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance x

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Hello TeaLove,


Double click the layer and make sure that the mode is NORMAL and the opacity 255.

Do you have any areas selected? you can draw only inside the selection and not outside.

Hey Eli.

I've just checked, the mode is normal and the opacity is 225.

I have no areas selected anywhere.



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Try deselecting (ctrl + d) just to make sure you have no selections. Or try to restart paint.net and see what that does. Double check the colors you are trying to paint with, make sure they are solid, and make sure you aren't trying to draw white on a white background or black on a black background.

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