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4.0.x How-To: 3.5.x's Recolor Tool Functionality

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We all know how 4.0.x changed the functionality of the Recolor Tool from 3.5.x.  No matter which mode you use, it still will not recolor pixels with the same RGB values, yet of different alpha values, unless you have the tolerance way up.  But because the tolerance is so high, you end up recoloring colors you didn't intend to recolor.  For those who are still using 3.5.x for the sole purpose of the old Recolor Tool logic and functionality, because it handled recoloring pixels of the same RGB values yet different Alpha values at 0 tolerance, I found a solution that achieves the same effect in 4.0.x.


First, you need to have your black linework on its own layer.




Then, use the magic wand, at 70% tolerance and with the global selection function on, to select the solid black color.  This should get that color, along with all the translucent alpha pixels as well.




Next, make a new layer, above the linework layer, for your "re"-coloring purposes, with the following settings.




Finally, on this new layer with the magic wand selection still active, use the brush, pencil and/or fill tools, at 0% tolerance and with anti-aliasing disabled, to color the lines exactly how you want.  When you finish, the translucent pixels will be covered as well.




And there you have it.  It's a bit more work than before, but it's a nice tradeoff for the improved everything else in 4.0.x, don't you think?  Let me know if this tutorial has helped you.

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