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Printing Support Desperately Needed!!

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First of all, thanks for making such quality software for free!

Now that's done with, I have a gripe. *Please* can you change the printing interface? I really need to be able to scale and position my images on the paper, and Windows Printing Wizard is as annoying as the Wizard-of-Oz. I can see it's on your feature request list, but this is one missing feature which would make a real difference to your product.


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Hello PointyStick, welcome to the forums.

There is a thread in GD&Q detailing common feature requests which users are asked to check before posting and this is listed. As for your problem I would reccomened saving the file as a PNG and printing with the program of your choice.

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I can see it's on your feature request list...
May I ask then, why are you requesting it when you know it will not come right away?

Moreover, if you read that part of the list, you also read this:

If a feature you want is in this list, do not make a new post asking for it again.
Actually, you should have read that twice as it's repeated only a few lines after.

If you require a greater capacity for printing capability, sabrown has the right idea: save it as a PNG image, which is a lossless format, then open that up in MS Paint or another piece of software that offers the printing facilities you need.

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