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Is there a way to "fake" a drop shadow?

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Or you could try to find out why it won't work

Duplicate the layer, take the lowest one, turn it to black, gaussian blur, move it somewhat - that's somewhat like drop shadow.. (a bit)

I would write plugins, if I knew what kind of plugins were needed.. :(

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Drop Shadow certainly isn't obsolete...I just used it.

But you have to make sure you download the newest Vandermotten effects for the newest Paint.NET versions.

Alternatively, BoltBait's Outline plugin, or Pyrochild's Outline Object effectively do the same thing.

Question to you is: Is the object you're trying to do a drop shadow on a transparent background? Otherwise, if it's on the white background layer, then the drop shadow is attempting to put a drop shadow on the outside of the whole layer.

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Actually, Drop Shadow is now obsolete...

I don't have it out for you bud, but that is a pretty daring statement...:roll:

The Drop Shadow plugin is not obsolete. It does stuff that only it can do (aside from doing the work by hand). Both DS and the plethora of Outline plugins can affect similar effects, but they each have their own little niche...

Be Kind. Re-search.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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Duplicate the layer and move down one. Next, use Black and White. Use Brightness/ Contrast until the entire object is pure black, then use Brightness/ Contrast to turn it into a medium gray. Then you can use Color Tint or Curves(+) to change the layer into the color you want the drop shadow to be. To finalize it up, blur it as appropriate and move it as you wish ;)


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