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Exif rotation error

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Hi all,

I've been shooting with a Oly E-410, which stores the image rotation info to the exif data. The Oly Master program rotates images automatically, as does Irfanview and my SmugMug gallery, but Paint.net doesn't. Then when I rotate images in PDN, the rotation info gets messed up so that windows explorer shows the picture thumbnail rotated 180 degrees instead of the correct 90 deg. Also in the SmugMug gallery images get incorrectly rotated..

Are there any fixes / workarounds to this? I tried not to rotate one image on PDN, so the SmugMug would show it correctly.. almost worked :| Now the picture got somehow shifted and.. well, look for yourself :D

----> http://jaeae.smugmug.com/gallery/514571 ... 3081_k5Svx

Ignore the color etc differences! They're supposed to be that way. Only difference is that the left image (above link) is from PDN, right one is saved with Olympus Master 2.

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