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Monthly Skinning Competition #11 - LFC4EVER steals the win!

The entrants are...  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. The entrants are...

    • gokussj4golden
    • Shadow_n
    • Uneyed
    • Munzapoppa
    • Ego Eram Reputo
    • renrob
    • Olli
    • LFC4EVER
    • ncfan51

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The poll has ended, and the results are as follows:

LFC4EVER is Champion by a fraction. Congratulations!

Olli - a very close second, making him Runner-Up. Nice work, Olli!

Ego Eram Reputo takes the Consolation position. Better luck next time, perhaps? ;)


It's time to bring in the (melo)drama. The polls have shown that you would like to create a movie poster, and so it shall be.

Any restrictions?

Well, other than the rules, not really. You may create a poster for a movie already conceived (anything from an old classic to a future release), or optionally, you may create your own poster for a movie that doesn't exist (and probably never will). (It's debatable whether this competition should include the word "Skinning" anymore... - I digress)

And now, for those lovely rules... ;)

  • [*:vma2p59c]You must have a link to all source images used in your submission. If you fail to by the end of submission time, your creation will be disqualified.
    [*:vma2p59c]Unless your screenshots are small, please post extra screenshots after your first as clickable thumbnails (
read about how to do this).
[*:vma2p59c]Once you have submitted your entry, you may no longer add anything/edit your post, excepting links to source images.
[*:vma2p59c]This post is for submissions only. If you would like to talk about the competition or a submission, do it here.
[*:vma2p59c]Be courteous and kind.
[*:vma2p59c]Have fun!

The date by which all entries must be entered is 11:59pm (EST), Wednesday, July 23rd.

Break a leg!

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i was bored and thought i'd make something then i saw this post so i thought why not

here is my attempt at this


please be a critic i'm somewhat new to PDN since it wouldn't work on my old computer but anyways here are the pics i used i know some of them are a bit hard to see

red spidy ... toon_1.jpg

venom suit ... lack_1.jpg

carnage ... rnage6.jpg

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This was sooooo much fun! I had a blast creating this poster for one of my favorite sci-fi movies. The film was released in 1980, so I have attempted to give the poster an appropriately aged look.

One stock image used:



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Actually, it isn't. I had an amendment sent to me in the form of a PM - a certain Matoyak meant to vote for LFC4EVER, but mis-voted.

LFC4EVER, you are the Champion.

Olli, you come in an extremely close second. :)

Ego Eram Reputo takes third.

Sorry for the confusion. Congratulations, one and all!

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:shock: I won!?!?! YAY! No.. :!:

Thank you everybody, but i can't accept this win on my own, even though it would be my first. Helio announced me as the winner, but i wish to say that Olli is also a winner. I do believe Helio saying that a PM was sent to him by Matoyak, but in my mind, me and Olli have tied, as shown by the Poll count. So, people who wish to congratulate the winners, you must congratulate me and Olli. Thanks. :D

EDIT: correct spelling error :lol:

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I hate my $%^&ing internet and computer. My firefox locked up as I was scrolling up to click on LFC's bubble thingy, and I somehow managed to click on another bubble and submit it. I still have no idea how I managed that...Might've been randomly clicking out of frustration at my internet/computer (I'm building a new one as we speak...God I hate having only 256 megs ram :( )

Totally sorry about the misvote.

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