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add differnt brush types

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i just wanted too know if theres a way too add new brush types like in photoshop. I wanted to know if i could b4 i go and find a bootleg version of photoshop.So can anyone help me with this problem heres and example

like this site here it says yo ucan downlaod it but i dont know where too put it when im done or is this file even compatible with paint.net


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Pirating is evil!

No, PDN doesn't have user-made brushes, nor does it load PS brushes, but before you resort to stealing a $650 piece of merchandise, there are a few options. For instance, The GIMP and ArtWeaver. Both are freeware, and both have customizable brushes. Neither, though, can load PS brushes, so they won't help you with getting that set there.

But seriously, pirating sucks.

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