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Plugin to smooth out bad colour fills? (Post vector tools)

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I've got some images I've converted using Vector Magic, unfortunately the resulting files sometimes end up with a gap in between each vector / cell.



I've found if I use the colour picker, then use the colour fill, it sometimes 'buffs out' the size of the cell slightly larger and fixes this.

On an image using MANY vectors, this is tedious work.   Admittedly this isn't paint.NET's fault at all, but I'm curious if there's a simple fix?


Thanks all.


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Hello hamwizard,


For what I can see, the lines are semitransparent. I would add a layer below it and either use the baint bucket to fill it with black or I would choose a color (black/white/brown, etc) and trace all the lines manually.

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Another alternative: 1px expansion plugin - found in dpy's plugin pack

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The weird thing is, if I export the source vectorization from vector magic, out into a .AI or .SVG file and open it in inkscape the transparency below isn't there - it's filled out correctly.

I then used Inkscape to export out to PNG, instead of direct to PNG from vector magic, adding a needless thing in the process, it improved the output but still had the transparency below.


I can't drop a filled background behind it, because eventually I'm going to print it so 3/4 of the image is infact transparent.   I feel like this ultimately isn't paint.net's "problem" I could've sworn I found a way around this in the past. 

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