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Help with Rotate/Zoom

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Ok I have messed with pdn for about a week now and it has some cool

stuff. The only thing that I am having a problem with is Rotate/Zoom. I

am trying to take an image and put it on a t.v. in another picture. So far

I have fidled with Rotate/Zoom for a few days with no luck. I can never

seem to get the angle of prespective I need. I hope I have enough info

here (first post). I know questions like this has been posted before but

they were just answer with only "Rotate/Zoom"

I am trying to take this picture:


On to a Space this size:


Also I think a tutorial on Rotate/Zoom might be a good idea.

Thank You

Welcome to were the Past and the Future meet.


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Okay, so maybe I'm making this too simple - but you've posted a picture of the space you want the picture to fit and you've put the rotated black box there - so I would take the original dimensions of your black box and resize your image to that dimension and then apply your rotation and zoom that you did to get the same effect as you did with your black box.

What I would do is only blow up a part of your original picture so the skewing isn't as bad.

Hope that helps,


Smile :)

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Well, bfschuil the black box was a magic wand select from the original

picture with the TV and yes I did rotate the box to level it but I still

could not get the dimentions the new pic to fit. And like aatwo I can

get it some what close, except for one edge. Still trying though.

Welcome to were the Past and the Future meet.


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It sounds like you're also assuming that the black region in the picture above maps correctly back to a perfect rectangle if it is "un" rotate/zoomed. If your source is a photograph or a painting (as opposed to a 3D rendering from Maya or 3DS Max), this will almost certainly not be the case.

I would recommend using Rotate/Zoom to fit it to an area that is slightly larger than that black area, and then cutting off the parts that don't fit.

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Well I got it to work. I got it close with rotate/room then I did a layer

mask. Cut off a little of the image but still looks nice. I feel stupid for

not trying that before. Thanks for the idea Rick.

Welcome to were the Past and the Future meet.


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