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Gradient Text?

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I'm trying to make various gradient texts.

But its a major pain to select the text, pick the color, then run gradient.

Any way to make a plugin that does this for you?

Like a box pops up, you enter the text, select the color of the gradient and then move to wherever you need the text.

Just a suggestion.


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I just do it this way, 'cause it is AA'd.

1. Type black text. :TextTool:

2. Duplicate Layer. :DuplicateLayer:

3. Invert Colors. :InvertColors:

4. Transparent/Linear Gradient. :LinearGradient: :AlphaChannel:

Then play with the colors.

I don't think there is a plugin, but I'm not very active on that board, so maybe someone else can answer.



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Never knew about it that way, but this is what I do:

1. Go to your Magic Wand set tolerance to 60 or 70 percent and set the Flood Mode to global, pick the colors do a regular gradient and feather. Simple and smooth edges.

Here is what it would look like:

GradientText.jpg(Saved as JPG so it may be bad quality)


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ncfan51's method is the best, I use it as well.

If you're going for colored text, you should use the Recolor tool on the duplicated layer. That way you get exact results (color-wise).

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