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Fixed ratio cropping suggestion

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I would like to suggest an enhancement w.r.t. fixed ratio cropping that would be very helpful in swiftly cropping 4:3 ratio digital camera images into 15:10 (cm) paper size ratios.

Imagine the following scenario:

  • [*:4a63ytzl]Open photograph in PdN
    [*:4a63ytzl]Select the Crop Tool - fixed ratio - enter ratio
    [*:4a63ytzl]This would be new: PdN automatically throws up the largest possible cropping area according to ratio
    [*:4a63ytzl]Resize Handles at the corners of the cropping area allow adjusting the size of the crop area (while respecting the defined aspect ratio)
    [*:4a63ytzl]A "hand" tool allows you to reposition the cropping area

Check out JPEGCROPS for the functionality I'd be looking for in PdN



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