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Noise Reduction - explanation of 2 parameters requeted

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I'm making this enquiry as a beginner again.

It concerns the use of the feature "Noise Reduction": can this be used to improve the clarity of a graphic that has a certain amount of "dithering" or "artefacts"? (ie. what appears to be "stray" pixels just adjacent to the actual image pixels).

The 2 parameters in 'Noise Reduction': Radius & Strength: There are no explanations in "Help" on them. Can someone please explain what they mean and how to use them to reduce noise?

Thanxx again. :cry:

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I don't know how to add noise to a picture (or graphic), ryan. I have a small graphic that appears to have some 'noise'. I've tried the 2 functions to reduce or eliminate the "dirt", but it seemed to make no difference.

Can someone, anyone, please care to explain those 2 functions, because they are not explained in the 'Help' section?

Thank you

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I'm a total beginner here, & I'm not familiar with most of the tools (including Clone) here. I've read the very brief paragraph on 'Clone Stamp' in the "Help" section, but it doesn't explain how to go about it. I'm going to try to work it out "on the job".

Can you give some steps for "Just set the anchor point to an area that's "dirt-free" and draw that area over the dirty areas"?

Thanxx again

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I assume this is something like what you see...the residual bits around an object

Select the clone stamp, and find an area that is "dirt-free". Click CTRL and left-click the mouse button to select the anchor point. (the pointer turns to an anchor while you hold CTRL)

That will be the area you will be clone stamping from.

Then left-click and draw over the "dirty" area and it will be drawing from the clean area over it.


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