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Fire Effect (finally)

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:lol: :roll: tryed twice to get the fire effect loaded on my paint . net and couldnt even open it !

:oops: i dont understand why !

im very new to all this !

any help would be appreciated :P

it looks like an awesome and fun thing to work with !

blessings and have a joyous day !


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Place it in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects.

I know I'm getting annoying, but there's not folder for "effects". Could you give me some advice?

did you find paint.net in the program files folder? It will be where the installed programs go on your comp. As far as I know, as soon as you install pdn, there will be a subfolder called effects. Simon Brown has an awesome plugin called right click install. download that, run as indicated, and any download you save to desktop will be right click installed. No more need to mess with the effects folder :D

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Okay, go to "My Computer" and select your HD. Then go to "program files," then "Paint.NET" and finally "Effects," move your DLLs there.

I don't have an effects folder! Is it an ordinary folder? If I created a new one named "effects", would that work?

Could you post a screenshot of your "Paint.NET" folder?

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Hi guys,

Been messing about on PDN for a while now and thought it was about time I found something to ask all you experts about! :D Love this fire effect and am working on a simple use of it on text for a custom t-shirt for a friend's xmas present, so.. other than the obvious removing-the-black-with-magic-wand, is there a way to get a transparent background for my text using this effect? Obviously when you run it on a blurred black text on white background you get the black background with firey text (which looks great) just not sure how it would print on a t-shirt..

Cheers :roll:

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That's strange, I didn't notice anything like that when I did it!


From top to bottom:

1. Original fire effect

2. Alpha Masked on black background (I duplicated the layer 4 times then merged down, adjusted the Hue +20)

3. Same as 2, on a Blue background

4. Same as 2, on a Green background

As far as I can see, there is very little difference from the original.

I think your problem is being caused by saving the image as a .GIF - as this format does not like transparency very much.

Try saving the final image as .PNG and see how you get on.


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