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Color to Alpha Advanced (PR1)

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Please note: There are known issues with this plugin. As well, certain functionality does not work as intended. It is in 'usable' form, however it is recommended you use Tanel's Color to Alpha until certain bugs have been fixed. Thank you for your co-operation, but most of all thank you to those who provide feedback during the creation of this effect

Color to Alpha Advanced (Public Release 1)


An Idea...

The idea here is adjust the alpha level of your selected color while similar colors are actually adjusted as well. The idea is to also use IndirectUI to allow for easy to use controls over your color. As well, it aims to be very simple to use, yet very flexible for multiple situations

Future Features

I want all to know that I eventually want there to be some better functionality when determining what a 'similar color' is. This has proven to be the most daunting task right now, however it does in fact work. I also want to add some similar functionality as that of Tanel's, such as included Feather functionality as well as future Alias functionality. These are both planned and working features to be released in a later build.

The User Interface

Hard Alpha means that similar colors will not be adjusted. This is meant to represent a simple 'hard' replacement.

Alpha Amount is the level of alpha that is applied to your selected color. Currently this feature only partially works when the effect is not in 'Hard Alpha'. There is a known issue with strange alpha displacements at higher values when not in 'Hard Alpha' mode.

Color is the color being replaced



ColorToAlpha Advanced.zip


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I have tried this plugin and found it very useful, thanks. I have been using it to "re-add" a transparent background to icons that have been rendered over a colored background (white or gray). One thing I always do first is use the magic wand to select the area to be affected otherwise just about every pixel gets some transparency.

One thing - can you default the color to the color of the bottom left or top left pixel? That is almost always the color I want to make transparent.

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One thing - can you default the color to the color of the bottom left or top left pixel? That is almost always the color I want to make transparent.

Or, could you allow us to use the Primary or Secondary color from Paint.NET's palette. That way we could "color picker" our desired color and then use it in the plugin.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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I haven't downloaded this one yet Mike. just wanted you to know I used the other version for some of my glass work so I'm going to need a good clear head when I check this one out. will have to move my old one over to another spot before I give this one a whirl.

but if its any indication from the comments so far looks like this might be a winner.

thanks for thinking of us all and sharing.


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Great plugin, but it doesn't handle light colors properly. Here's what I get when trying to remove white background from AWeber logo using Color to Alpha.






  • Hard alpha disabled
  • Alpha amount: 0
  • Color: white

Black background is removed properly usually.

How can I fix this issue?


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