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ive been using paint.net to amke frames for flash animations and such (LiveSwif tools are worse than ms paint) now first my question-i use newgrounds.com to host my flash, blog ect. and i want to amke myself a icon (use dfor posts and such) there requirements are a 50x50 NON TRASPARENT .gif, now i searched through the forum for this and all i could find was making a transparent one, well when i make a .gif it seems to be transparent by default. now how do i convert this back to non so i can use it?

suggestion- while making frames i sometimes need to rotate but am unable to which makes my stuff critically worse, i think a tool for rotate selection (like the resize/move tool) is needed it would help for what i need and other stuff.

-thank you

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To rotate:

1. Make a selection around the item you wish to rotate. Then, right click on one of the nubs at the edges of your selection, and drag to rotate.

2. To rotate a whole layer, go to the menu Layers > Rotate/Zoom. Use the ring around the ball at the left hand side of the dialog to rotate.

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For your icon, about the transparency thing - all you have to do is make your transparent icon, and then add a new layer underneath it, and fill it with black. Then it won't have a transparent background

Regarding the rotate selection thing -you're in luck! All you have to do is right click the little nubs that glow on the selection, and you can rotate it how you want.

Also - if you go to Layers> Rotate/Zoom or Ctrl+Shift+Z, and there you can rotate and zoom the layer how you want.

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i just tried all those things out, worked. i like how this forum works, gives me what i need without a lot of bull unlike other sites, you guys just increased my animations quality tenfold, instead of having to redraw something like a swinging sword every motion (never exactly the same each time and time consuming plus it gets boring and i make less frames making it worse) i can now take my time and make smoother more real motions

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Your love for us might suddenly turn with my locking of your topic...

According to the Rules, your topic title breaks #6 as it gives absolutely no definition to what you're asking for. A good topic title clearly indicates to users what you're enquiring after and a user who is more attuned to the request is more likely to help out. 'Question+suggestion' doesn't tell us anything about the question or suggestion.

Imagine if the entire forum was littered with 'help!', 'suggestion!!!'. Ludicrous it would be, utter madness. And a pain to search for previous topics of interest.

But don't let this stop you from posting again, we're more than happy to help you out whenever, as you have seen. Just don't forget the Rules when next you post :).

Topic locked

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