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I've searched the forum and can't seem to find any topics on canvas background adjustment.

For example, when you zoom out there is a fair bit of canvas background that makes it easy when selecting portions of edges. However on zoom in, the picture fills the entire screen to the edge. Usually I find myself zooming out just to look for the anchor points of the selection.

To illustrate

1. open an image.

2. Zoom in (until you can see the whites of the pixels).

3. Press Ctrl+A (select all).

4. Now change the tool to Move Selection and try to adjust the selection size.

It would be great if there is a bit of space between the edges.

BTW if 3.35 is going to have a solid colour canvas background, can this be changed? Sometimes I work on images with dark colours, a lighter background would be great.

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Actually, this has been previously suggested quite a bit.

You should check out the Popular Feature Requests thread at the top of the General Questions and Discussion forum.

But to specifically answer your question:

Scrolling past the edge of the canvas when zoomed in -- Right now when you zoom in on the image, you can only scroll to the edge of the image. It can be inconvenient because then you have no space between the image and the scroll bars. Implementing this is dependent on some other "plumbing" work that should be done for the image canvas' rendering, and this will be taken into account when that work is being done. No ETA though.

Hope this helps!

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