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How does one make a person look fat?

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Hello, my friend recently gave me a challenge, in fact he said, "Hey Mark, I bet you can't make me look fat." -At least it was something along those lines.

Anyways, how do I do that? I've been fiddling around with it, I only selected him on a duplicated layer, then deleted the background, then did a bulge, but he just looks weird, not fat.

Any tips?

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Get a Photoshop trial (or better yet, download the GIMP) and use Liquefy (or GIMP equivalent).

Or if you are looking for a more easy-to-use solution, there is a possibility that the Serif PhotoPlus free old versions downloadable from their site have reached the version where liquefy is introduced.

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Thanks everybody, I tried some of the listed methods, but ended up doing this:

I got a picture off of Google of a very overweight man.

I then blew up the head of my friend (using 2 bulges, one around the chin and one around the forehead.)

I then put the head (with a transparent background) onto the fat guy's head, effectively making my friend look fat.

Thank you. I'd show you the picture, but he probably doesn't want his face all over the internet.

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Just saying that Photoshop would be the best solution. And besides, you have to use Powerstretch in the center, right? Not exactly intuitive for this situation.

EDIT: I'm no expert on Point Warp.

Both plugin's center can be moved.

Maybe you should try it. (The latest version)

Like I've said many many times: PDN is more powerful than it seems.

Some futions/plugins are even better then what PS has.


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