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kirby145's Gallery. [6.24.08]--New: Echoecho sig (ben 10:AF)


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Kirby145's Gallery


Hi everyone, I haven't used Paint.NET or done webdesign for a while because of vacation and all the stuff that waste time.

So I return to the forums...

NOTE: If images don't load my host is not working correctly and is fixing the problem soon.


Here is my latest signature, it is my favorite alien/character from the show Ben 10: AF. I cut character from [Ben 10: AF].

Echo echo can multiply himself very quickly and can scream at ultrasonic frequencies.




!- Older Signatures -!

Call of Duty 4 Character- Cut out from screenshot


Kirby- Render from [source], links disabled



That's all for now

"By trying to reinvent the wheel every time we find very often with square wheels" ...X-blaster

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Nice job on rendering the COD4 character in that one sig.

Just some constructive criticism, if I may?

The sig is far too tall. There are few respectable forums on the internet whose rules will allow you to sport a sig that tall. Even if it's just part of the render sticking up from the main body.

The sig background itself is pretty bland, seeing as it's just a gradient background. Try adding brushes, borders, and some more COD4 related stuff. Maybe even a large shadow/reflection of the character you rendered. That's always a legitimate space-filler.

And lastly, the text. This has always been my personal opinion, but I think non sans-serif fonts look goofy in traditional box/render sigs most of time.

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Thanks for your suggestions, my newr sig has better background and I reuploaded it if you can see it, if not my imagehost is still having some problems

"By trying to reinvent the wheel every time we find very often with square wheels" ...X-blaster

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