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Needing a circle without background

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Greetings, in Christ whom I serve.

I am new, and I've been reading tutorial upon tutorial and post after post and I hate to sound stupid, but I CANNOT get the picture with the transparent background that I made to not show a white outlined box when I'm done. The background IS clear in PDN (meaning the checkbox background) but when I saved it as both a Png or as a Tiff, it won’t allow the background of the new picture to show through the saved Png or Tiff picture.

Here’s what I did. I made a circle logo picture (I call it Picture #1) and I was able to edit, crop, erase and then save it in Png or Tiff, but when I inserted the picture into a MS Word, or any paint program with picture #2, they’re still a white box around the picture #1, and just not the image itself.

P.S. Under the Png choices when I save, are 8 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit. Does it make any difference? I noticed when I saved it, sometimes a white box, or a black box would appear in the program I pasted into. (Surething CD Labeler)

I've read this tutorial over and also did it. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841&start=0

but it still left me with a transparent box (white box) when I inserted it into another program.

I’ll attempt to show in the attachments.

Any help will greatly be appreciated.

P.S.S Both of these pics had transparent backgrounds, and all I want is the circle part. I've cropped it too, and I still get the box!

Thanks, in Christ, Judah



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