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PdN Help in downloadable form??

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Just started out with Paint.NET...of course I have a total n00b-ish question :roll:

Is there a downloadable version of Paint.NET's help files available?

Only asking because I have a chronic back-pain issue and can only stand @ my desktop setup; which I why i just got a laptop so I can sort of recline - but no net connection on it. Hence I have to go back n forth between them for access to Paint's Help etc. A downloadable version would be much less painful...but i'm not hopeful :lol:

And one more xtra stupid :?: if I may :oops:

As far as regular updates go...if I haven't got a net connection, can I just install the new PdN version over the old one via flash stick as they become available?

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Hey no worries...just thought I'd ask on the offchance!

thanks for the fast reply Mike :mrgreen:

(btw, any opinions on that update ? gratefully accepted. I know its probably an insanely dumb one :wink: )

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Ahh brilliant, Crimson! :D

ie Just what I did to install PDN initially. thanks a lot for that :wink:

Ash ~ Hey I wish..unfortunately no though. I'm battling with a dialup connection on the desktop as it is. ADSL/wireless is just a dream :mrgreen:

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My advice is simple. Use WinHTTrack.

That's what I use for mirroring the english help so I can easily see when Rick updates a picture or a page and I update the localized version then.

Just have WinHTTrack point at the help index file and let 'er rip. After that you can just copy the entire directory where the mirror is downloaded and just browse it on any browser by simply pointing at your local copy.


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^^Just Googled WinHTTrack...what a bloody good idea, Zagna! thanks for that heads-up :mrgreen:

Hey the extra non-PDN stuff you learn here :D Embarassingly, i'd never heared of offline browsing!

I can see a steep learning curve coming on though...yay, lol

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update re offline browser>>

Even a total non-geek can do it, amazingly. HTTrack missed some screenshots in the tutorial but I found another freeware offline prog GetLeft - in case anyone's interested - which worked beautifully. Much obliged for that info Zagna :wink:

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