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completely whiped and replaced


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If you would blend the fx over the render so it doesn't look like the render is just pasted on, then is would be a great one for a tut:


I would say to just try working on your text. I see some very good tags but the text is either too distracting or kills the flow, etc. In the sig I have above, try moving the text closer to the focal so that the viewer doesn't have to drift their eyes too far from the focal.

http://senthrax.deviantart.com/art/Full ... l-55042010

Even though that's for photoshop users, it helped me a lot. It goes over many tips to improve a tag and described where to start when you want to make a new sig.

Alright hoped that help. I see you being in the top 5 tag makers on this board, imo. Your smudging is great, you have a good view on depth. If you improve your blending of the focal and blending of your text, then your work would be even better.

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