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how do i merge a animated gif with a picture?

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thanks,but i do know how to make a gif in gimp. so after my post wot i did was open a gif i did get from the net. then opend a picture from which i took the lettering from and cut and copied it to the gif,but when i play the gif back the lettering is only on one frame of the gif. id like the lettering to be on all frames. isnt there a way it does it automatically instead of going into each picture and tryn to align the leters so they match the place of the other letters and isnt out of place

maybe i posted here,but i thought someone would know. after all paint does not support gifs.

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Unfortunately, GIFs work on a frame-by-frame basis, so in order to get the text on every frame, you're going to have to add it to every frame. There may be dedicated GIF animation programs where this is a feature, but I've never used any.

Since all the frames are the same size, though, what you can do in Paint.NET is make a new layer, paste and position the text, then Select All and Copy. Paint.NET will copy the white space around the text, so when you open the next image, you can [Ctrl]+[shift]+[V] to paste the text to a new layer. It will end up in the exact same spot because of the transparent space padding.

Or, you could just do it in The GIMP - paste the text in a new layer, duplicate so there's one text layer for each frame, then move a text layer above each frame and "Merge Down" each text layer into the original frame.

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