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Help with resizing image

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I am working on a small projet to create a simple image that is black baclground with just 2 letters of text and a simple border. The problem I'm having is that the requirements for the image are 16X16 32bit color at 1068 bytes in .tga format.

I make the image just fine and reduce it to 16X16 however at this size when reducing it Paint.net will only set the byte size to 1024, if I increase the size by 1 to say 17X16 the size jumps to 1.1. ok so I do that. I got to save as a .tga in 32 bit color and it still reduces byte size to 1024. is there any way to get this image to resize to 16X16 32bit color 1068 byte in .tga? by using Paint.net?

here is the image original


so you can see pretty simple image. just doesn't want to meet the parameters that i need. the 1068 byte is critical for this imgage to work properly for my project

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