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Viewer (or converter) for a whole batch of .PDN images?

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a standalone fullscreen image viewer (for Windows OS, but not the worthless built-in Microsoft viewer) that is capable of quickly slide-showing a folder with over 800 .PDN images in a kind of guided presentation. But I just found out that none of the most popular viewers (Irfanview, Xnview, Faststone...) does support the .PDN file format. If someone can help me find some other viewer that will handle them, I would be very happy: because otherwise I will need to convert the whole lot to .JPG or .PNG - that would be simple for just a few pics, but a tedious job if you need to convert hundreds of them one-by-one.

So here is my second question: if there actually is no image viewer that can handle .PDN files, then is there some way (like some kind of macro or script, perhaps) for batch conversion of .PDN files to another imagefile format? If someone has tried this before, I would like very much to hear how you solved the problem.


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Hello there, VincentVanGogh.

No, you're quite right, you won't find a viewer besides Paint.NET because its native format (PDN) is only readable by the application itself. You will find nowhere that will do so at the moment.

If you wish to 'convert' then you have a few options at your disposal. Well, two:

- resave your project in a common file format, such as PNG, BMP, JPG, etc.; and

- resave your project as a PSD format if you wish to retain your layers. Although, I would watch out for this as the format plugin in its current state bloats the file size beyond what Photoshop naturally would, in some cases by many times fold. You can find the plugin in the Plugins section of the Forum.

As for an a;alternative application to slideshow your images, I would recommend FastStone Image Viewer which gives you full-screen slideshow with additional capabilities, for example background music. Listen to some Jazz whilst you view. 'Tis free of charge, too, which nobody ever has qualms over.

Does this help somewhat?

EDITED: grammatical errors, clarification of some points, so on, so on...

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Myrddin, thanks for your reply (and sorry for the delay in following-up). I wasn't aware of the PSD plugin and will certainly give it a try. But for right now I guess I'll need to load all my PDN images in Paint.NET and resave each of them to another folder as JPGs. Because I have to handle so many images, I still wish there would be some utility to convert them all in one go...

In the meantime I've contacted Pierre Gougelet, the developer of the XnView image viewer (http://www.xnview.com), who is updating his product continuously. He promised that for one of the next updates he will look into the possibility of adding PDN files to the long list of image formats supported by XnView. Should this actually come through, then I will of course report it in this forum.

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