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How do i do this?

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I'm a beginner at all this and i could need some help. I want to fix that a photo is like a clowd over another, like its visibly but still showing and you can still see the bakground pic. I hope someone understands, its kind of hard to explain in enligsh :oops:

I hope someone can help me :o

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First of all, welcome to the forums

Second of all, read the rules. Especially the one about thread titles. Use the edit button to change the thread title to something more descriptive.

Okay now to your question, there are some cloud tutorials on the forums

Although this one is a bit cartoonish. Mabye adding a layer and doing the tutorial, then play with some blend modes or opacity levels. But i'm still confused. Could you please post a picture to show more detail as to what exactly you want.

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I'll help you before locking this thread. (Please go read the rules first.)

1 image on bottom layer.

Add the 1nd image to the top layer.

Adjust the Alpha on the top layer via layer's properties.

Press F1 key when using PDN to learn how to add layer and adjust layer's properties.

If you didn't know already.

Again, please go check out the rules.

Good luck.


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