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Bug: 1px jump with [Shift]-constrained Rectangle

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When using a tool that creates a rectangle, if the end coordinate is above and/or to the left of the origin, pressing [shift] to lock its proportions will cause a 1px shift toward the cursor.

To reproduce:

  • [*:892vli4e]Select the Rectangle Select tool
    [*:892vli4e]Click near the center of the Canvas
    [*:892vli4e]Drag the cursor down and to the left
    [*:892vli4e]Press [shift] to enable constrained drawing mode
    Result: The entire box shifts one pixel to the left

If you drag above the origin and press [shift], it will shift one pixel up. If you drag both up and to the left from origin, the shape will shift one pixel up and one pixel left. This will happen with the Rectangle Select tool, Rectangle drawing tool, and Rounded Rectangle drawing tool.

I mean, I realize it's the [shift] key, but it throws me off when it shifts the shape. ;)

I encountered this in 3.31, and upgraded to 3.35 Beta to see if it was still there - it is.

I'm running Windows XP Media Center Edition.

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